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The Dreamkeepers in:
A Mid-Autumn Night's Scream

I'll tell a tale of Mace and Whip,
who snuck out for a camping trip.
They stayed up till the sun went down,
then left the dock without a sound.
Ditching school, their packs were light.
The sand was cool, the moonlight, bright.
Waves ran clapping down the shore.
A crested hill, they were no more.

Down to a cove, the two had raced.
A dark, dank, drab, and musty place.
With knotted wood, where brambles bore,
and pirates must their booty store.
Said Mace to Whip, "This is the place
to where our lifted map has traced!
Let's stay here now, and rest the night,
and then start digging at first light."

Locked in his ship upon the shore,
Grunn's head back tipped, roared toothy snore,
and twenty feet above his head,
Randy giggled in his bed.
"Those two fools, I've got them now!"
He said as 'fore his friends he bowed.
"My plan has gone without a hitch,
tonight they'll face the dread sea witch."

In this province, they spin tales,
of siren's screams and ghostly wails,
but no dark story dared to match
the nightmares that sea witches hatch.
Paige overheard, she could not sleep
with thoughts of Mace lost in the deep.
"What have you done?" She asked the goat.
"You better hope those two can float!"

"For that map was forged, you see.
The one I planted where he'd be.
It leads far down into the bay
where spirits on this night come play.
There's Nightmares there, and Sandmen too,
Fairies, tricks Whip cannot do,
and I must say, I'm quite amused
Mace fell for such a Mace-like ruse!"

Hearing that, wasting no time,
Paige set out, her friend to find.
With worn out boots and coat zipped tight,
she set out alone into the night.
She found their paw prints in the shore,
"but wait, what's this? There's one track more."
These prints were large, the gait was long.
Everything was going wrong.

Back in the bay, fast as they could,
Mace and Whip grabbed firewood.
The soggy wood refused to light.
Though moonlight glowed, cold air held tight.
So, though cold and hungry too,
they settled down to ride it through.
But as they drifted off to sleep,
awake, again, by ghostly shriek.

The call reflecting o'er the bay,
off rocks, through trees, to where they lay.
Whip hid under Mace's arm,
startled by that shrill alarm.
Though quite unsure of what to do,
His will was strong and heartbeat true.
"Come on Whip, though there be dangers,
they might need help, let's not be strangers."

Whip agreed, and off they went,
to the place whence sound was sent.
Moans danced and ran all through the bay,
but Whip's big ears could guide the way.
Moving quickly through the dark,
crunching leaves and scratching bark.
They came upon, in little time,
their friend, enthorned, in coiled vine.

"Run, for tonight you are abused,
by Randy's plots!" Mace was confused.
"That map you borrowed was a fake.
It's brought you to an evil lake.
There's spirits here and witches too.
Run, if you know what's good for you,"
she urged as they cut through the brush.
"We'll get you free, no need to rush."

"Now calm your mind and don't despair.
That goat, he's just full of hot air."
"But what about the spirits here?"
"That's just a myth, no need to fear."
And soon as he dismissed his plight,
the forest filled with floating lights.
and then a sound came from behind,
like branches breaking, vines unbind.

A toothy chomp, and Paige was free.
They hid themselves behind a tree.
"I'm scared," she whispered to her friends.
"Be strong," Mace said, "this won't here end."
He said to Whip, "do what you do,"
and up into the tree, he flew.
Down came fruits, for their condition
would be helped by ammunition.

Mace found a stick down by his feet.
Paige picked up fruit which witch would meet.
The cracking sound of twigs grew near,
but the three friends subdued their fear.
Mace said to them, on count of three
we leave the shelter of this tree.
They spun around and let fruit fly,
and caught the witches in the eye.

Mace saw his chance, and with his stick,
He ran up for a final lick.
As he swung, his fear redoubled,
for assumptions were quite muddled.
As he struck, he chanced to see,
eye of a very angry Vi.
But before she chanced to kill him,
Bobby came to calm and chill them.

Mace ran and hid behind a tree.
"I didn't know, I'm so sorry!"
Bobby reached where he was headed
with Whip's teeth in arm, embedded.
"Now everybody settle down,"
Bobby said to all around.
Then he walked over to Vi,
who was clutching her sore knee.

"Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'll be fine,
but that fool owes me, big time."
"So what brings you to this mayhem?"
"I followed her." "I followed them."
Mace emerged from hiding space.
"Why did, after us, you race?"
"To keep the children out of trouble."
"Same for me, as well, but double."

"There's no trouble we can't face."
"You're young, in such a dreadful place."
"Why should I fear some fake sea witch,
whom sailors in their tales oft' stitch?"
"In this world are evils colder,
you'll understand when you get older."
"Come with us, we'll take you home,
so from the path you do not roam."

And so, they walked back to their ship
to put an end to the night's trip.
Mace and Whip did Randy face,
to put him in his 'rightful place.'
"Strong and brave, soon they'll be ready,"
Bobby said, then Vi, "Hold steady.
We have already much more lost
than hidden pirate treasure cost."

Paige drifted quickly off to sleep,
knowing, tonight, her friends she'd keep.
Mace and Whip were quite astounded,
when by Vi and Bobby, grounded.
Randy's mood was really spoiled
when his plans, again, were foiled.
No tragedy, tonight, was seen,
despite it being Halloween!
My submission for this year's Dreamkeeper's halloween contest:…
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ZycantAlpha Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015
Dang.  Just...dang.  I don't think I could have pulled that off nearly as long or as skillfully.  Kudos, dude.  You did amazing.
TekelParsin Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015  Hobbyist
I enjoyed your story as well.
And you never know, you can accomplish some pretty exciting things when you set your mind to it.
Kafelnikov Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015
Wow, I don't think I could pull off poetry myself! Thanks so much for participating in the writing section of this year's contest!
TekelParsin Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015  Hobbyist
Thanks, it was fun.  It's not every day I find a good excuse to write a long poem like this.
ezioauditore97 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Student General Artist
That was great! Very sweet story;  Randy sure got that plot of his foiled this time! :) It flows so well too and really does capture the earnestness of these wonderful characters between one and other.

It was also hilarious when poor Vi got mistaken for a witch although her temper at times would fit the job quota! (Gah,I love her as a character and she has a nice duality of nature between her fury and her serenity) At least Bobby's usually there to calm her down,haha! Excellent emotional interplay particularly between Mace and Paige. :)

Best of luck in the contest!
TekelParsin Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Hobbyist

Now that you mention it, these characters were nice to work with. Since so much of their backstory and characterization has been done already, it's not too difficult to figure how they would react in these situations. :)
ezioauditore97 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015  Student General Artist
It's amazing when certain characters take on a life all their own to the point where they write themselves seemingly if you throw a situation their way.

You're welcome! :)
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